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Post by Selvester on Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:54 am

Hello there. And welcome to my little world where I piece together the bits of my mind. This is all forum stuff mostly... different codes for customization and layouts that I have commonly used. Stuff like that. And if you haven't noticed already they aren't exactly view-able to the public... or to members. Moderation level and above! So basically I'll only share with you if I like you. Wink

But hey... I have spent a lot of time finding, modifying, and/or making these codes... Most of them are NOT mine. I just use them. I am only storing them here rather than having to hunt them down every time I need to use them. And I find it easier to look at this way rather than in a word document or having to search for them all the time online.

About 88% of these codes are available on the forumotion help site so if you really want them try looking them up there. Don't know how to use them? Well you never will until you try. I self taught myself everything... heck I am still learning. I am sure you can to if you give it a shot. The only cases in which I may help you and share my collection of codes is if I know you and I like you. And since really the only way you would have the link to this site is if I gave it to you, well then your chances are pretty high. If you received the link to this site from another though... well leave me a message in the guest forum (or join and PM me, whatever suites you)... I may not be willing to give you the codes directly but if your really want some assistance and for whatever reason are insistent in receiving it here... Well then I might be willing to teach you a thing or two... share a few tips. Keep in mind I obviously don't know everything. What I don't know though, I would certainly be willing to look into.

But now a little bit more about my actual codes...

100% of the Javascript codes have been found else were. Virtually nothing has been modified there as I am not good with Javascript... They could all be found elsewhere if you knew what you were looking for and you really dug.

About 98% of the CSS codes were found else where. And probably about 80% of them have been tweaked or modified to fit my forums. Though they could always be tweaked again to fit other forums. I am not good at writing CSS however I am pretty good at finding certain bits and modifying them for the result I want.

About 90% of the HTML is actually mine so this I will probably be least likely to share... a lot of it isn't directly forum appearance related though so you shouldn't have much concern for it. I am still new at this and it takes me a while to write, but I am learning and am, personally, quite happy with my results.

Anyway I'm rambling and anyone actually reading this probably doesn't care. So... Need forum assistance/advice from me? Leave me a message! You don't? Well then I am not sure why your here... Neutral

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